May 28, 2011

Three nieces and a nephew

I love these kiddos. And I miss them already! :(

Bella. My, she's grown up so much since I last saw her!
And Cole loved her! He lit up every time she came around :)

Liam. This kid was dying to get his picture taken with me. 
He's grown up so much too! It was so cute to see him interact with all the babies; he LOVED them!

Juliette. Sweet sweet baby girl. This is by far the best picture I've ever gotten with her.


Annabelle! She's so snuggly!! And she has the cutest smile.

Hopefully I will see them all again in August. Pretty please?!

Although I miss my sisters and my nieces and nephew, it's still good to be home with Steve. Cole lit up when he saw his daddy again, which melted my heart :)

Anyway, today we're going to a wedding. Hopefully there will be dancing so Steve and I can dance the night away!!! (doubt it) And then we'll have to figure out something fun for Memorial Day. Any ideas?

And, once I figure out how to convert my RAW pics to JPEG, I will post some pictures of Cole meeting his uncles for the first time. So sweet!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. you have some good looking family m'dear! such darling nieces and a studly nephew ;) Loved these fun photos, and can't wait to see the rest! Glad you had such a great trip!

  2. Lauren! I forgot to thank you for the yummy treats you left us! Thank you! :) I know this is a random spot to thank you at, but it just popped in my head. I love all these shots of you and the kids, btw. :)