February 15, 2011

And this is how it went down

Steve came home from school, had a shower and put on a shirt and tie.

I got cute too, wearing my floral skirt, heels and I straightened my hair!

I stayed in the room with Cole and worked on Steve's present while Steve worked on his in the kitchen.

Finally he was done and I came out of the bedroom to find this:
Candlelit dinner!! A real red rose and a valentine.
Too bad you can't read what it says in the picture but it says:

"I should have gotten a dozen but your beauty is singular."
Haha, I don't know where Steve comes up with his cute phrases but I like it! :)

After dinner Steve opened his present from me which was the movie August Rush. The one and only time we watched it together was back in college before we were officially dating and we watched it on separate couches because at the time I wasn't sure I liked him. hehe, so I said I'd make it up to him the second time around and watch it on the same couch this time ;)

After that we packed baby boy up and went to Barnes and Noble where we went on our first Valentine's day together. We had a gift card there and were trying to figure out how to spend it. And we found the perfect thing: A baby book for Cole.

Then we sat down in Barnes and Noble and made a little video of us telling our story. We had to make it short.4 minutes short since we were doing it with our little digital camera. It was fun!

We came home and topped it off with Ben&Jerry's Strawberry Shortcake ice cream. Now that I can't eat chocolate anymore it is sooo my favorite!
yay for V day 2011 :)

(ps, this was Day 15. a photo of someone you love. I love Steve. again!)


  1. Super cute! I love reading all your posts!

  2. aww this is so darling! I love reading your post! I am about to be your newest follower!

    Great blog!! xoxo Natalie

  3. isn't having 2 sweet boys as you valentine's the best?? :) And how sweet you got Cole a book...that'd make a great valentine's tradition :)

    PS - i love the red heart doilies :)

  4. So fun! I'm glad you had a good time! I like the rose quote, very clever. hehe.

  5. So glad you're both on the same couch now!

  6. I tried commenting earlier, but then my internet kicked me out. I love this post!! You guys are so cute! Happy V-day!