April 1, 2011

Hare Hare Krishna

I saw this video on someone else's blog and I thought it was cool! It reminded me of the time that I went to The Festival of Colors back in 2008!!when I was still living in Utah, going to BYU. My, how it's grown since then!
I went with my friends Dan and Diego, who were in my ward. Diego is from Hawaii and I guess he thought he could easily be mistaken for a native of India, where this little festival originates from, because Diego dressed himself up in some traditional outfit from the gift shop and then walked around bowing to people (do they even bow in India?!?) saying:

"Thank you for coming!"
"Thank you for coming to my party!"
"Hare Hare Krishna!"
in some fake accent.
I don't even know what that means. And I don't think he did either!

Since everyone at this festival is practically Mormon anyway, I'm pretty sure they all bought it. What a friendly host!! is probably what they were thinking :)
If only I had known then that I would want to blog about this three years later, I would have taken some pictures. Oh well!


  1. What a sweet video!! I've never been and just missed it this last weekend :( Hopefully we're here next year we'll go! I bet Annabelle would love it ;)
    And what a funny story about Diego. HAHA! That cracks me up.

  2. haha so funny!! and hopefully I'll get lots of Navy in. It's so hard not to just have it all PINK! ha

  3. Your blog is great.

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  4. Done! =)