March 9, 2011

Some More Wishes

ONE. I wish I had stuck to ballet when I was four (I only went once because I was such a scardy cat)

And then I could be a real dancer like my little sister, Lissie:

Actually, probably not because I just don't have the coordination.
Isn't she cute? :)

TWO. I wish that I could go see the Stonehenge so bad!

I've always wanted to go so when my friend Connie went, she sent me and my friend, Molly a postcard. This postcard was hung up on my pinboard for years!

THREE. I wish I could eat waffles and maple syrup every morning for breakfast. 

What am I saying, I kind of already fulfill this wish every morning. And they're soo good :)

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  1. those waffles look sooo yummy and you're sister is so pretty. I wish I stuck to dancing - I don't know why I didn't ha. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I also wish I would've stuck to ballet! Oooh well. :)

  3. PS. You are to coordinated, Miss Handstand Queen.

  4. Your wishes are so wonderful! Your sister is beautiful. I always wish I had learned how to dance!

  5. I also wish I would have stuck to dancing! Great wishes!

  6. I like your Wednesday wishes. Maybe we can visit Stonehenge together someday!

  7. All I can think about is waffles now.

  8. HAhahaha oh man I forgot about that postcard! How embarrassing :) I wish I had stuck with dance, too... or started younger.

    Great wishes, Lauren

  9. Cute wishes Lauren. I TOO wish I had stuck with dance. And still have high hopes that I'll take up ballroom again.
    Let's plan a trip to the Stonehenge. Girls trip! :)