March 26, 2011

Baby Boy on his Blessing Day

Last week Cole was blessed and it was very special! I will never forget it :)
Cole was asleep when Steve took him up to get blessed. But Grandpa Brent said that after the prayer was said, and when everyone opened their eyes, Cole was looking up into his daddy's eyes, as if he knew exactly what had just happened!
Steve said that Cole was never so calm before.
Cole is already a very calm baby, but when Steve brought him back to me I noticed a difference too. He was just so peaceful. It was definitely a different feeling. It lasted for quite a while afterwards. And it was very special to me. I have no doubt that Cole understood how special his blessing was. Or at least that he could feel a difference. It was just so sweet!

I'm grateful that my dad, aka Grandpa Tracy, could be there. And that Grandpa Brent and Grandma Yvonne could be there too! I just wish my mom could have been there too!

And thank you to Bekah and Jordan for taking the time to come too! You guys are great friends :)

ps, my mom made (she crocheted!!) Cole's little blessing outfit! And Gran Yvonne also crocheted!! that beautiful blanket with the blue ribbon. I plan to do a little photo shoot of Cole in his outfit with that blanket as the background. I just need to find a time to do it. When Cole isn't sleeping. Or eating. Or when he doesn't need a bath. Just know that close-ups are coming!!


  1. What a special day! Cole's blessing outfit is so cute!!

  2. I love that he was looking up into his daddy's eyes. So precious. His outfit and blanket are so beautiful and special, too.

  3. So special!! I love that baby boy.

  4. I wish I could have been there too!

  5. Oh I loved reading about how little Cole was so calm after his blessing :) What a sweet boy :) I'm sure it was a wonderful blessing! And a wonderful day with family & friends that care for you little Cole so much!

    And I was going to ask about his darling little outfit and the blanket! How neat that both of his sweet Grandma's crocheted such special items for his special day :) Can't wait to see the photos you take of your little man! <3

  6. Thanks for sharing, Lauren! I really wish I could have been there. And I love the blessing outfit and blanket.

    And how do you know Bekah and Jordan?? You talk about them all the time.