February 22, 2011

First trip to Arkansas ever.

All the states I've been to include:

California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and now Oklahoma and 

This is pretty exciting for me since I've never been this far east or this far south. I'm slowly making my way to the east coast.

We got to spend the long weekend with Bekah and Jordan and their families in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Although it's technically farther north than Dallas, we felt like we were more in the south. Before I left my mom told me to take lots of pictures. I actually didn't pull out my camera once but at least I got my handy cell phone camera!
Even though it's really not all that different, Arkansas seems so far away! It's the land of plantation-looking homes, porch swings, sweet tea and fried pickles!! (I actually tried them and they're good):

This was also little Cole's first trip ever and he did great. Just think, in his short little life he's been to the states that took me 24 years to get to. What a dang lucky kid.

The trip consisted of.....

... getting our hair done at the salon. Bekah is amazing! (Cole got some love from the hair girls)
Brazilian Blowout, highlights and a trim..I'm like a completely new person.

...eating out:

...meeting Bekah's gran and grandfather:


By the end of our trip Cole was pretty tired.
This is his tired face. He literally slept the entire day yesterday.

And we sure enjoyed the southern hospitality. Thanks Bekah, Jordan and families :)

Oh, and of course by the time we left Steve had a fake southern accent. He just can't help it ;) 


  1. Wow, that looks so fun! I love your hair, Lu!

  2. You did pretty well with the camera phone. Love the hairdo!

  3. Sounds fun! Sorry I forgot to text you back the other night -- the missionaries came over for FHE, and once they left we were pooped! I'll text you soon :)