February 17, 2011

Like Mother Like Son

Does his outfit look familiar? It should. 
It's the exact same little outfit I'm wearing it in my baby picture I posted a couple days ago!

Let's just pretend that there isn't any lace on this outfit. And no ruffles. And definitely not a little teddy bear with a bow. It's yellow so obviously it's perfect for a baby boy too. :)

Yeah, we look nothing alike.We're both about 2 months in this picture.

My mom saved the outfit all these years and sent it to me so that I could dress my own baby up in it. My grandma gave it to my mom and the blanket in the background is also one that my grandma crocheted.

Let's just hope that Cole thinks he looks just as cute in this outfit as I think he does and that he doesn't hate me for posting these pictures when he grows up!!


  1. How fun to see those pictures of you two side by side at the same age! You both are such cute babies, and I miss Cole so much!

  2. Thanks for putting him in that outfit -- it was worth saving it for 24 years! The blanket in your picture was made by my Grandmother (Hermes). The one in Cole's picture was yours, but we'll have to ask Grandma Minnie if she made it. I can't remember!

  3. What a precious baby! too cute for words. <3


  4. oh I'm sure he'll love it!! That is too adorable :)

  5. Love it! He looks as cute in yellow as his Momma did.