February 1, 2011

"I told you I would mask your genes"

I got this idea from Cats and Cardigans. I'm going to try out this 30 day photo challenge. Who wants to do it with me? :)

So, here's Day 1. your facebook profile photo
well, this isn't exactly of me but it's the one that's currently up right now
(my sister took this picture: Marie Photographie)

This is baby boy at 5 weeks. He's 6 weeks now and already looks different. Just look at the pics from the previous post. 
Everyone at church who meets him says: "Oh, it's a mini-Steve!"
Yes, my son looks everything like Steve and nothing like me.
I brought this up to Steve again the other night:

"I just don't get how he can look nothing like me. I mean, he incubated in me for 9 whole months..how can he have none of my features? I was staring at him today trying to find something that he got from me. nothing."

"Well, you know Lauren, I did tell you I would mask out all your genes.."

What? He never told me that.
I guess it makes sense. He has the dark hair, I have the light hair..but still.
Now I'm just picturing our future family: a bunch of Steve Jrs. (especially if we only have boys which is totally a possibility)
And then there will be me.
Sounds like a pretty lopsided family to me. And I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

(although over the weekend someone told me for the first time that Cole looked just like me! Might be the first and LAST time. But it's funny how it just totally made my day :)

And in case that profile picture doesn't count, here's one that's actually of me:
I always thought this one was cool. Taken on our honeymoon :)


  1. Lol!

    Well, if it gives you any hope, Harvey kind of goes back and forth. Really, as a baby everyone said he looked like me. Then about 6 months later, he looked exactly like Justin's baby photos. Now, he's kind of a mixture. ;)

    And I really LOVE both photos! So beautiful!

  2. i saw this challenge on someones blog, too! i think it's such a cute idea.

    and cole is getting so big! and i'm sorry, lauren. he does look like steve! haha...

    but you know what japanese people say? when the baby looks like one of the parents when they are little they grow up to look like the other parent. so, don't worry! ;)

  3. i know exactly how you feel, everyone always says Emmett looks like mini-Jared. I know he does, but I always find myself asking everybody "who do you think he looks like?", figuring if I ask enough people, someones bound to say me! haha. Its true how it makes your day!
    That picture on your honeymoon is awesome. Ill have to check out this challenge, but I might have to copy you

  4. That handstand pictures is awesome! And I agree, I can't believe how much Cole changed in a week!

  5. Oh that picture of your little Cole is PRICELESS! Your sister has some talent!! She did your wedding too right? :) Seriously, you have a beautiful baby boy :)

    Loved reading about your discussion of who's genes he has :)

    And the 2nd profile pic is STUNNING!! what a fun memory from your honeymoon :)

    ONe more thing, I'm excited to see the rest of this fun 30-day photo challenge!

  6. He probably has your personality traits. You're in there somewhere!