August 5, 2017

Our cute house.


My oh my, it has come such a long way.

When we bought our little house last summer, we knew that we wanted to make quite a few changes to it and Steve took it upon himself to do pretty much all of it! With help from his dad. The only thing we hired out was getting the curbing done for the planters in the front. Steve and his dad painted the trim of our house white. It used to be chocolate brown. I feel like everything in our house used to be chocolate brown haha. And painting trim is not as easy as you would think! Especially in those top corners! Those are a lot harder to get to than you would guess! It also gave me a heart attach watching them get on the roof and walk around and climb these huge ladders to get where they needed to go.

Steve also put in the landscaping which also wasn't as straight forward as you would think. Who knew that it is incredibly hard to pick plants! I knew I wanted hydrangeas, which I got! But they had to be a certain kind that won't die in direct sun. And our house gets direct Sunday basically all day long. We got the sky pencil holly trees to frame our steps which aren't supposed to grow to big and bushy and lots of lavender and boxwoods :)

And last but not least, we painted the door black and I love it! If I could have it my way, I would add black shutters to our windows but our windows are too big for it and it would just look silly. And maybe one day we will paint the siding. When we bought the house, I never loved the color of it but it has grown on me. It's kind of a tan/brown/pinkish color so not your typical color. Maybe we'll paint it dark gray some day. Or white? Or light gray? Who knows. We do love our house though and feel so lucky to live in the neighborhood that we're in.

Liberty Lake, Washington is the only place I want to live.

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