December 7, 2016

Becoming a mama all over again.


When my sister Emma was in town, I had her take some pictures of me and Crew. He was only three weeks old and so itty bitty and perfect. He still is ♥ I love these pictures, even if I'm still so swollen in the face. Having a newborn is so heavenly and it's these moments and memories that I always want to hold on to. I think I'm happiest with a little baby in my arms. It's like I'm finally doing what I was always meant to be doing with my life in these moments. I love love love being a mama. And I'm so lucky to have Crew as my son. He is an absolute dream baby. As were all of my boys. I could not be any luckier.

Thank you for making me a mama for the third time, baby Crew. It's an honor. ♥

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