October 7, 2016

Cole + Logan// a little update!


I've been wanting to update my blog on these two boys for so long now. I've been feeling guilty that I haven't taken very many pictures of them with my nice camera this year. It's been such a busy year for our family. In the spring we went on a handful of trips to see family and to see two of Steve's brothers get married. I also got pregnant, and then in the summer we bought a house! Our first house! It's been exciting and exhausting. We now live in our favorite neighborhood in Liberty Lake, WA and although half of our house is still empty, we love it. (That's what happens when you move from a 1000 square foot home to a 3000 square foot home and get rid of all your furniture in the process!) We've done lots of updates on it this summer (well, mainly Steve has haha) but we love where we live, we love having a nice big back yard for the boys, we love having a big basement and we love the layout of it!

I also shot two weddings this summer which added to the craziness! My first time! I'm happy with the results and so were my brides and I'm excited to share the images on my photography blog when I have a chance!

In September, when I took these pictures, Cole started Kindergarten! And he absolutely loves it!! It's been such a good thing for him. It's only in the afternoon which has been perfect for both me and him. We can take our time in the mornings and I have a better daily routine because of it now too. It gives Cole something to look forward to everyday. He loves being with other kids and he loves his teacher, Miss Gillilan. She is the cutest little thing and you can tell that she loves teaching. This is her first year teaching her own class and we think she is doing a great job. I was so worried about sending Cole to school because I didn't know if he would listen to his teacher and stay in his seat and follow the rules etc, but so far he is doing great and we are really so so proud of him. He loves learning and wants to impress his teacher.

He made a little friend in his class, who rides the same bus to school as him as well. Her name is Evelyn and she is the cutest little thing. She's such a happy little thing! Cole and Evelyn look like they could be siblings! Both of them love to play and have fun which is why they get along so well. I love seeing Cole make new friends and be so happy! Obviously I can't say enough good things about Cole going to Kindergarten. I'm so glad that it's been such a positive thing for him so far.

Logan is my sweet boy who loooooves his older brother Cole. He often times will tell me "Be nice to my brother Cole!" when Cole is getting in trouble here at home. I'm so glad they have each other to play with, even if they fight every now and then. Even though they have fun together, I think Logan likes having the one on one time with me while Cole's at school. He such a smart little boy and can talk so incredibly well for his age. Something I've noticed about him is that he is really thoughtful when it comes to saying his prayers! You can tell that he's really thinking about what he's saying! He's also really good at remembering lyrics to songs he learns in nursery. I'm always so impressed with him that way.

It's funny because Logan is completely obsessed with kissing me! Like, he always wants to be kissing my hand or my neck or my cheek, or pretty much anywhere. It's pretty cute unless it's the crack of dawn and I'm trying to sleep! Haha. I've thought about why he does this and I think it's because we kiss him all the time! He's been our baby for the past three years, we dote on him and kiss him and tell him he's cute all the time. He must just think that's what you do. Haha. It's kind of funny to think about. Both of the boys are obsessed with kissing my pregnant belly too!

I know that they are both going to be great big brothers and I can't wait to see it in action. I hope they know how much I love them. I'm the luckiest mom in the world. I don't know how I got so lucky to have them. I love you, boys. ♥♥

And here's some shots from my phone because they turned out pretty darn cute too:

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