May 30, 2016

March + April 2016


When I look at these pictures, I just instantly feel that nausea in my stomach because that's how I felt during all of March and April. It was a crazy time because two of Steve's brothers got married 4 weeks apart! We traveled to San Antonio the end of March and then we drove to Utah the end of April. Both wedding were beautiful and I'm so happy for Steve's brothers and their brides but OH MY GOSH, it was such a stressful time for me. I do not function well when I feel like I'm going to throw up but I'm still expected to act like nothing's bothering me. I'm so happy that I'm no longer in my 1st trimester! And these are pretty much the only pictures I took. I have zero drive to take pictures, especially with my nice camera when I feel like a dead person. I'm just glad I have anything to show for that time haha! :)

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