January 29, 2015

Chillin' on a Thursday morning

Nothing too special. I was just in the mood to film a little bit with the sun pouring in through my bedroom window like that :)

January 20, 2015

Frozen Newman Lake


I didn't want to forget these memories. One of the best things about winter is ice skating/playing on frozen Newman Lake. We just might make it a New Years tradition. (Here's the post from last year :)

January 1, 2015

***Happy New Year***2015***


Starting out the new year with a few selfies* of me and my love. (*For the record, I actually hate that word, but what else am I supposed to call it? It is what it is. This is the year 2015 after all ;) 

I think I'm kind of indifferent about New Years. I don't love it, I don't hate it. To me, it feels no different than before and New Years resolutions tend to stress me out. Haha. I don't particularly like making a huge long list of things that I have to get done throughout the year. I'd rather just do them on my own time and not feel like I only have so much time to do it. Steve will probably laugh when he reads this because he knows how much I hate "hurrying" and "rushing" to get things done. He knows those two words will make me tense up a little and so he tries not to use them :)

What I do like, however, is reflecting on the year past. 2014 was so good to us. We moved to Washington, Steve started his new job, we've moved into our own little home (just renting! but it's been good for us!) and we've made some really great friends. People like us here, like genuinely want to be our friends and look up to us. It's a nice change. Our ward is amazing. Everyone is so nice and inclusive. I basically never want to move, like ever.

Liberty Lake is like a dream little city to live in. Sometimes when I think of this place it reminds me of the movie Dante's Peak, the one with Pierce Brosnan. At the beginning of the movie, it portrays this perfect little Washington city--family friendly, beautiful, virtually no crime, a huge sense of community. Liberty Lake is just like that. (But we fortunately don't live at the foot of a deadly volcano;) Whenever we're driving home and see Liberty Lake from the freeway with the beautiful backdrop of mountains, Steve and I frequently tell each other how much we love this place. It just feels like home. We feel so fortunate to live here.

And Steve's job has just been so great. He's worked hard recruiting new patients and it has definitely paid off. Everything that Steve has asked his boss for, he has gotten. I don't think that year 1 in practice could have gone any better than it has and we both feel very blessed and grateful for that.

I'm looking forward to 2015. We are at a very happy spot in our lives right now. We live a simple life, but it's nice when simple is enough. I'm just happy I get to spend this upcoming year with my favorite people by my side, especially him^^ :)

Cheers to 2015!