December 1, 2015

U t a h + M o n t a n a// Nov 2015


Time with my family never seems to last long enough. I love my big family but the bigger the family, the harder it is to get everyone together it seems. We're lucky that we were only missing two of my brothers and part of Emma's family and not more than that. My mom had been planning this get together for over a year it seems!

It was such a fun family reunion! My mom had it all planned out! We were only in Utah for 4 days but we fit a lot in! On Saturday we went ice skating-- always a favorite of mine! And then shopping in the afternoon and a movie for the boys! Sunday we had church, we walked around beautiful temple square and then had skits in the evening! My mom also had cute pictures from our childhoods hung up on the wall that was especially fun to look at :) On Monday we made a visit to BYU campus and Waffle love (oops) and then on Tuesday we were back on the road!

On the way back, we spent one night at Aunt Kay's house in Montana. The drive up there in the snow was enough to give me an ulcer, I was so scared!! Luckily, we made it in one piece. I'm so glad that Steve is a great driver in the snow! The next morning, the boys played in the beautiful snow and loved it :) It's sure pretty to look at but such a pain to drive in!

On this trip, I took a lot of pictures with my phone! And I also took a lot of footage!! So I'm planning on posting a lot of videos once I get them all put together! I'm so grateful for the short but quality time we had together!! And I'm thanking my lucky stars that no one got sick! Seriously such a miracle!!

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