November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015: Where's Waldo??


There aren't enough red and white stripes in this post, right?? Haha. This was one of my favorite family Halloween costumes yet!! Even Steve said this was his favorite one! And the boys surprisingly l o v e d their costumes too! On Friday, the 30th, we went to our ward's Halloween party and I spent the afternoon beforehand putting that white duct tape on our shirts and hats and making the cute little pom poms out of red yarn. I bought the glasses and the red hats at the dollar store and I found all of our red shirts for cheap at Walmart so I really spent very little!

The boys were soooo excited about wearing their costumes to the ward activity. They even kept their hats and glasses on the entire time! I was so shocked! I thought that once we got to the activity, Cole would be wishing that I had dressed him up as some superhero. But he was so excited to show off his costume; I loved it :)

The next day, on Halloween, our friends threw a fun little Halloween party and we went trick or treating from there! I asked Cole before we went to this party if he wanted to be something different but he requested being Waldo again. I seriously loved that he loved his costume so much :) Everyone who saw us kept saying to us: "We found you!" I've always loved Halloween and I always will!!

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