October 30, 2014

Twenty Eight and a unicorn cake!


First of all, let's face it, I'm getting old. But that's alright, because I have to admit, I'd been looking forward to my twenty-eighth birthday since I was a little girl! My golden birthday! It was going to be the best birthday ever! And I made sure to make that dream come true. Leading up to my birthday, Steve had been asking me what I wanted and I named off some random things (like an area rug for our living room--that's when you know you are getting old!) But then it hit me one day: I want to go to New York! For my GOLDEN birthday! It seemed perfect and it actually worked out, I can hardly believe I was able to make this trip. Literally a dream come true.

On my last day in New York I didn't fly out until 4 pm and that morning as I was packing my things up, I noticed Emma baking something in her kitchen. Before long, I realized she was making me a cake and in what seemed like no time at all she had seriously whipped up this unicorn cake! I was so impressed; Emma has some mad skills. And now all of my unicorn dreams have officially come true. A perfect cake to end the perfect trip. Thanks Emma. You are too thoughtful!

I flew back to Spokane the day before my birthday-- I didn't get in til late. The next day in the evening, on my actual birthday, we had planned to go to Steve's parents for cake and ice cream. I was thinking that I was all birthday-ed out since I had just made a trip across the country. I definitely felt spoiled enough. But Steve went through the effort of planning a little surprise party for me right there at his parents'. Some of our friends showed up at their door, and I was most definitely surprised!! Thanks to all those that came! Steve said it was pretty late notice :) But my favorite was not just the bread maker my in-laws got for me (THANK YOU!!!!!!) But Steve had gotten a helium gold balloon and it was tied to a little pouch that carried 28 gold dollars! It thought it was such a cute and thoughtful gift! Thanks Steve ♥ (It's also fun paying for things with gold coins:)

Getting older isn't so bad when all of this is involved, am I right?!

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