December 30, 2014

Christmas morning magic-- a little video!

Some Christmas morning magic! This was the first year where Cole actually understood that Santa was coming. He ran into our room early Christmas morning saying "MOM! SANTA ALREADY SNEAKED INTO OUR HOUSE!!!" We had left some cookies out for Santa and a couple of apples for his reindeer and he saw that they'd been bitten into.

Christmas sure is a lot of fun with a four year old :)

I know that Christmas isn't all about Santa and presents (although those things are super fun!) We did tell Cole the Christmas story many times and he's got it down pretty well now ;) One of my favorite Christmas videos put out this year was the one below. We would play this on repeat on the tv and every time the scene with baby Jesus came on Cole would excitedly say "It's baby Jesus!!!" I am so grateful for my Savior this holiday season and always and hope that my boys will always know that HE is the true meaning of Christmas and the whole reason why we celebrate it in the first place.

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