June 25, 2014

Summer bucket list 2014


I was inspired by my friend Stefani to make a bucket list for this summer! To me, summers in Spokane are pretty much heaven and there's a million things to do here so I feel like we really need to live it up. The days will only be long and hot for so long and then winter will be long and cold. So here it is! Our little bucket list! It's not super long because I was trying to keep it realistic. I even went over everything with Steve already so we should get all of this in within the next couple months. I'm excited!

+Swimming in the Spokane River.

+Fireworks at Liberty Lake

+Liberty Lake Loop Run (4 miles! I might die!)

+Movies in the park! (Liberty Lake)

+Pig out in the Park (downtown Spokane)

+Boating/tubing on Lake Coeur d'Alene

+Farmer's Markets!

+Visit Greenbluff

+Strawberry picking!

+Camping at Mimi and Papa's (Steve, his dad and brother put together a fire pit behind their house a few weeks ago and it's already been a lot of fun! They even cleared out a spot to set up a tent!)

Steve, his brother and his dad spent Saturday afternoon making this fire pit behind their house and Cole is over the moon excited to make a fire tonight and roast marshmallows! Summer, we are ready for you.Doin' what he does best this evening. In Steve's family he's known as the pyro.  (setting the house on fire twice when he was a kid might have something to do with it...;)The happiest baby.

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