May 30, 2014

Six months!

^^I love this shot, drool and all ;)^^

Half a year old. It's hard to believe that it's been six months already. But then again, I can't quite remember life without him. He was always supposed to be a part of our family. And I'm so glad that he is.

At six months Logan is a champ at army crawling, and he's super fast at it! For these pictures, I set him at one end of the bed and he army crawled across the bed to get me (and let's be honest, my camera too;) before I was hardly able to get any decent shots of him!

He is always super smiley and loves his own reflection.

He has started making sounds, namely a very aspirated "ta ta ta" and of course I think it's the cutest thing ever.

He's very fascinated with his big brother and I'm pretty sure he wishes he could run around with him. He's still not crawling on his knees yet. Sometime he'll get up on his knees and sway a bit but if he wants to actually get somewhere he goes right back to his belly ;)

I also just barely started sleeping him in his crib....I know....And what do you know, I'm pretty sure he sleeps a whole let better in that thing. Can't say I regret ever having him sleep in bed with us though, I just sleep so much better when I can feel him breathing next to me. So, yeah it's probably been more of an adjustment for me ;)

I looooove this beautiful boy and I thank God for letting me have him every day ♥I take a nap with him almost every single day. And I love it. ❤️Today he is six months old!! We got him to smile for this picture but really he's not a fan of baby food at all! And neither am I!    We love this sweet boy so much. He is so chill and easy going and loves to play with little toys :) He's a champ at rolliHis first time riding in the cart. Going to town on those little toes ;)Those fat rolls on his back....I love them!

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