November 29, 2013

Just the three of us.


Well today is my due date! And baby most definitely is not here yet!! I can laugh about this because my midwife is breaking my water for me tomorrow morning so I know that there is an end in sight. Otherwise I think I would be a wreck...kind of like I've been all week. It's my own fault for trying so hard to have this baby early with all the accupuncture, dates, evening primrose oil, squats, jumping jacks etc. He is just not coming out!! Even though I'm dilated to 3 and 1/2 and 80% percent effaced. I seriously think he would stay inside me for two more weeks which we just can't do since we're moving. If we weren't moving I don't think that I would care so much but oh well, that is just life.

So tomorrow is the day! I am soooooo excited to meet my baby!! And I'm nervous too!! I'm sure I won't be able to sleep at all tonight even though I really should. I keep wondering what he's going to look like and just what he's going to be like and how Cole is going to react to all of these changes! Last night as we put Cole to bed we got a little emotional since the days of just the three of us are coming to an end. Steve's mom is coming in this evening and so last night really was the last time where it was just us putting him to bed. It's been a wonderful three years of just us. We're nervous and excited about the new baby but I know once he finally gets here we're going to wonder how we ever lived without him. Gahhhhh!! I just can't wait to meet him :)


  1. I am so excited for you! I love reading your blog and being updated on all that is happening. I can't wait to see pic's of him too. Good luck with are in my thoughts. Love ya!

    1. You are so sweet Charisse! Thanks for thinking of me :)

  2. Aww, this is so sweet! And now he's here! So happy for you.