August 19, 2013

Ice cream before dinner.

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^^Sticky fingers :)^^
I let him have ice cream before dinner last week. He's a funny boy and whenever I'm letting him do something I wouldn't normally, Cole always looks up at me and gives me this look like he adores me and says "I luh you mommy." So he pretty much loves me only when I let him do whatever he wants ;)

Now that Steve has started his internship at the VA hospital which is 40 minutes away, it doesn't make sense for me to take him to school anymore. Which means I pretty much never can have the car anymore!! SO, Cole and I spend a lot of time at home. And that's not always a bad thing. I actually like staying home and having quiet days. (Cole might not like it as much as I do....) The weekends seem to stress me out anyway; so many youth activities and things to go to and church meetings and giving rides. By the time Monday rolls around I just want to stay home and do nothing anyway!

I try to keep Cole entertained by letting him do crafts. I bought him paint and paint brushes and scissors!! (toddler scissors) I don't know why I haven't bought them sooner because those scissors are awesome. He will just sit in one spot for an extended period of time cutting up paper and string into tiny little pieces. The perfect way to keep him entertained and in one spot without making too big of a mess :)

He's actually warming up to having a baby brother pretty soon here. Sometimes he'll randomly ask me if the baby is kicking and he'll ask me if I'm ok. He'll come up and talk to my belly and give it kisses and I think it's the cutest thing ever :) I actually think he's going to be an awesome big brother. It might be a hard transition at first but I know he's going to love having a little buddy to play with all the time. Cole loves all kids, or "friends" as he calls them, and he loves to PLAY! And as his mother I like to think that most kids like him too because he's fun to be around and easy to play with :) I feel like I'm ready for this baby to get here already but we still have a few more months. I'm 25 weeks and somehow I feel like I've been pregnant forever. Time goes by too fast and too slow all at the same time and I have no idea how that even works!


  1. This boy of yours is so beyond cute!! And the one you're growing is bound to be just as cute. I love your boys so much! And I am all about quiet days too ;)

  2. We must be the "love quiet days" family! And ice cream before dinner sounds like a good idea to me. What kind was it? Looks so yummy.

  3. Nothing wrong with a little ice cream...we've been in Italy for 3 months. Just imagine how much ice cream my son has been eating, lol! Btw, CONGRATS!

  4. Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of quiet days. They are pretty much the best! And it looks like you made Cole's day with the ice cream and scissors. I love how the simplest things make kids happy.