February 25, 2013

Playing the accordion

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These pictures are old; actually they're from Cole's birthday but I thought now would be a good time to post them. It was now or never because Grandma is in town and it was her birthday yesterday! Whenever there's a birthday to be celebrated and we are there in Washington, she always pulls out the accordion and it makes singing "Happy Birthday" that much cooler ;) Seriously, Cole is so lucky to have a grandma who plays the accordion. That's bragging rights right there. And she was so sweet to help him play with it on his birthday. He loved it so much!

Yesterday was her birthday and since we are in Texas, there was no accordion involved but we did do presents, and have salmon for dinner and strawberry shortcakes for dessert! We're just lucky to have her in town! And Cole has come up with a new name for her all on his own. It is no longer "Gram Yvonne" (I guess it was just too long for him because he never called her that but did call her just "Yvonne" for a little bit there) but it is now "Mimi" which she likes and seems to be very easy for him to say, so, WIN-WIN.

Happy Late Birthday to the best mother in law a girl could ask for! And the best "Mimi" I could ever wish for my child :)

Later this week we are celebrating by going to Austin where Steve has a seminar. It will be just me, Yvonne and Cole during the days we are there and I have lots of fun things planned to go do and see. I'm SUPER excited :)

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  1. The next generation of accordion players is in the making. I can just see Cole learning to play, especially since he seems to like music so much already.
    Also, Happy Brithday Yvonne!