December 2, 2012

It's that time of year

IMG_4951IMG_4960December 2012IMG_5034IMG_5039IMG_5041IMG_5053IMG_5043

We put up the Christmas tree last week and Cole was really helpful this year! We did it while rocking out to the Raffi Christmas album that my mom gave to us for Christmas last year (or was it two years ago?)
This year my mom's Christmas gift to us was the cutest wooden advent calendar that Cole looooves to play with. She even provided the German chocolates to put into each wooden drawer and they are delicious! I probably should have taken a picture of the chocolate santa that came in the same package but that got eaten about 2 minutes after opening the box :/ So yummy.
It's safe to say that I miss Germany, especially at Christmas-time but at least we have an advent calendar from Germany in the house now. Thanks for sending it, mom. It is the perfect gift!


  1. These pictures are adorable, Lu! And mom is amazing for making us all an advent calendar! We love ours over here too. And those chocolates really are to die for. Yum.

  2. We listened to Raffi while decorating the Christmas tree, too! Mom has done such a great job of setting us all up with the best Christmas things. I love it! Very cute pictures!

  3. Your blog is so cute! and your little boy could not be cuter! So glad I found it!

  4. so glad to see these pictures! I wish I could be with all of you and your cute little ones at Christmastime. Happy Christmas!