November 28, 2012



There's a puppy overload for you, but I don't really have to apologize for that do I?! They were just the cutest things and I couldn't get enough of them, obviously. These puppies belonged to Emma's neighbors and they let us come over and play with them on Saturday. Cole was in puppy heaven and loved having them climb/crawl/lick all over him ;) It's probably not good to have favorites, but my favorites were the little brown one and the tiny black one that Emma's holding. They were just so sweet! We played hard with them for a good 15 minutes, and then the puppies slowly started to fall asleep one by one. We wore them out!

The only thing cuter than a playful pup is a puppy that's asleep!

And now I want one!!!!!


  1. Awww these are adorable! Makes me wish my German shepherd was a pup again.
    xx Natalia

  2. I'm dying over here. Those puppies are beyond lovable!

  3. OH I love puppies! If only they would stay that small forever. Looks like Cole had tons of fun!

  4. Cole and puppies are the cutes thing I've ever seen! Love this post

  5. oh my gosh Lauren. These puppies are so so cute! I love the picture of the puppy and Cole looking at each other. SO cute.

  6. Sooo cute! I need a copy of the one of Cole and the one B&W puppy!