October 19, 2012

Texas state fair

Bigger and Better. That's what they say. 
I wouldn't really know because I'd never been to a state fair before this, but it definitely seemed huge. In two hours we were able to fit in a parade, the petting zoo for Cole, a funnel cake for me, and a foot-long corndog for Steve. And that's about it! There was so much more to see but we didn't get there til about 6:30 pm and we had to leave in time to catch the DART back home. Although riding the DART rail was just as much of an experience for us as the fair was so it wasn't so bad. Cole loved riding on the DART.

Let me just say that the Texas state fair is ridiculously overpriced. If we had paid full price for everything, we would have had to pay no less than $15 for parking, $16 each for a ticket to get in with the minimum purchase of $15 for those silly raffle tickets! (Somehow paying 8 tickets for a funnel cake doesn't sound as bad as paying $8 for one.) But since I did my research, we went on one of the days where if you brought 3 cans of food each, you got in for $2! And if you took the DART rail, you ended up paying a total of $6 for transportation instead of $15 for parking. So, we saved big time and were still able to go. Something we'd wanted to do before we leave next year. If we're able to go next year though, I want to go during the day so that we can stay longer and see more! And so Cole isn't an exhausted mess from getting back at 9:45 pm!

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  1. Good job on the researching and saving money. Hope you get to go again in the daytime next year!