December 15, 2011

This morning

It's another rainy day today over here!
Yesterday was one of those crazy days where I was driving around everywhere and trying to get things done. Cole was Mr. Cranky Pants for some reason and only wanted to be held which made it hard to get things done! I did manage to snap those pictures of him though. He likes to watch the birds flying around outside :) 
Steve also took his last final of the semester yesterday (which he got an A on!!) So we celebrated last night by going out to eat. Something I love doing because it means I don't have to make dinner. yessssss. :)

This morning, Steve woke up long before me. When I woke up he was doing the laundry and studying! I couldn't believe it! He just finished school yesterday! I thought he would, I don't know, SLEEP IN a little. He said "I gotta study for national boards now."
Already I want next semester to be over! I thought we were on vacation!

Today, we are getting Cole a high chair. That's right, he still doesn't have one. :/ I figured he kind of needed it for his birthday party on Saturday!! It's amazing we've gone this long without one!
Also, we're finishing Christmas shopping. That's always fun :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


  1. Little man Cole is adorable. Love him. And way to go, Steve! That's so awesome :) Can't wait to see pics from the party - SO wish we could be there...

  2. I think Cole has the right idea. You all should maybe take a few minutes to watch the rain and birds together :)

  3. That second-to-last picture is so cute! I love Cole's big blue eyes. Can't believe he'll be one soon! And I love how good you are a blogging. I want to be better at keeping up with the day-to-day and you inspire me. :) See you soon!