December 30, 2011

the docks

This is probably the last of my Christmas-y posts :(
Last night we got to go to lake Coeur d'Alene and walk around the boardwalk. The Christmas lights are SO beautiful there. I slowed the entire group down with all of my picture taking. The boys weren't as into it as I was ;) In fact, Steve didn't even really want his picture taken. Something about being around his brothers. Or something.
"You know," he said, "I'm really a good sport about this stuff."
It's true; he is. :)
Anyway, I'm sad that Christmas is over, but I'm happy people keep their lights up until after New Years!

Tomorrow for New Years Eve we're going ice skating! Which is one of my favorite things to do!! We'll see if it is as fun with a baby who can't even walk yet......;)

And here are some pictures of Cole with his Grandpa Brent which I took last week. Aren't they cute?
Cole gets a lot of attention around here. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful in-laws!


  1. oh those lights are gorgeous!! i'm with you, very glad when twinkling Christmas lights stay up for New Years :)

    and reading about Steve being a good sport...exact same with my hubs ;) As a New Years resolution I'm going to work on making sure each picture I take counts so that I'm not taking a million, or asking him to "do that again" or "hold still a second longer". Lol But goodness if I had a nice camera like yours (and your talent) I think Adam would just have to grin and bare it ;)

    And one more thing...your in-laws are some of the best! i recognize that darling Santa on the ladder! I'm sure Cole just loved it, and loved playing with the Byers, and they with him :)

  2. I love all the colorful lights. The second one is my favorite!