June 5, 2011

Pretty Miss Emma

Oh, and pretty Miss Ash too!! Of course :)

I took these pictures of Emma and her sister in law Ashley while in Seattle.
What do you think?!
I love the dandelions!

Emma posted a super sweet post about me the other day and I thought I'd do something similar about her!

I love Emma because:

*She is a natural mom. When Annabelle came she seemed to know exactly what to do! I was impressed!
*She's always so thoughtful with her gifts. And just good at giving gifts in general. To everyone. 
*She's gorgeous. Seriously. I'm so glad we're identical twins ;)
*She's EVERYONE's best friend. Just ask her about high school ;)
*She's so helpful when she comes to visit. Cook all my meals?! Yes please!
*She's sweet. She seriously wants the best for everyone.

I love you Emma dear!


  1. Good job on these Lauren. I love her too!

  2. Lauren, Thank You!!! I love those pictures, and I love this post. You're so sweet. I love you so much.

  3. Wow Lauren these pictures are great! You guys are so sweet to eachother :) And I love all those things about emma too!

  4. SO fabulous! I love all those things about Em, too. Seriously, whenever she comes, she's always cooking and helping with the kiddies. Love that about this gorgeous girl!