February 12, 2011

He melts my Heart: Cole Update!

Day 12. (another) photo of you

Me and baby boy again

Let me just do an update on the little guy:

First of all, he's been laughing and smiling tons, and it melts my heart.
Smiling and cooing for Bekah and Jordan :)

And here's my favorite:
that's right, he's been full on laughing now. And he's awake now when he does it :)
I love his baby talk and baby coos.
He brings so much light to our life; we are so in love with him!

I also love his kissy lips:
He does this a lot after he's done eating.

Everyone comments on how good of a baby he is and how they never see him cry. He does cry but he really doesn't cry that much. So when he does, I know something really is wrong.

Cole loves his pacifier. And when it falls out of his mouth, he won't cry he just ends up sucking his top lip. And oh my gosh, it's so cute. Wish I had a picture of that.

And this is what his hair looks like in the back: 
Poor kid's getting the bald spot. But he still has quite a bit of hair back there. 

And he looks just like his daddy when he's asleep
Well, when he's awake too. So I guess that's not a surprise.

I just love him :)


  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE this post! He is so so adorable! And I wish I could hear his laugh. That's so CUTE! Can't wait for Annabelle to laugh while she's awake. (I'm glad he loves that fleece suit so much) ;)

  2. Lauren! He is perfectly cute and I'm so so in love with this kid! Wish I could see him laugh. That was the most adorable laughing picture ever. :)

  3. I want to hear his laugh too! Maybe you should try to take a video of it and post it! :) And he is seriously so so so adorable!!! Its so funny how your guys' babies are just getting cuter and cuter!

  4. He is adorable! I love the smiley pictures of him.

  5. omg!!! u have a baby??? congrats!!! and yay for blogs! i have one too! hopefully u even remember me. hahaha!! i lived under u in branbury. lol. anyways.....glad to have found you! if u wanna invite to my blog i need ur email addy.

  6. I want to hear him laugh. Cute pics.

  7. I need a video of him laughing!!!!!!