January 10, 2011

Thanks to Brittney!

My wonderful friend Brittney threw me a surprise baby shower about a week before Cole was born! She went out of her way to do this even though she knew that I'd already had a baby shower in Spokane! Here are some pics from the shower:

The adorable diaper cake Brittney made that is now decorating Cole's room :)

All the sweet girls who came to the shower and surprised me!

the party favors...amazing right?

PRESENTS!! Thanks guys!

so happy to not be pregnant anymore :) but I totally enjoyed the shower :)

Thanks Brittney! It meant a lot to me :) And it was so fun being surprised like that!

And here I am the night before Cole was born. I do not miss being pregnant AT ALL.


  1. What a cute shower! What a sweet friend! And you are so beautiful! SOOO excited to see you this Saturday!!

  2. again, you have some great friends!! And YAY for surprises! Glad you had a wonderful time :)

  3. Such a cute shower! What sweet friends you have! I'm glad that you've made such great ones since you are soooo far away! I'm throwing a shower this weekend, so this was inspiring! I have some work to do!

  4. Ooooooooh I'm so glad someone did that for you! I really wished I could have thrown you one, so I'm glad you got so spoiled :)