June 20, 2010

Living in Texas

Well, it's been a few weeks but I wanted to post about what's been going on around here!

At the end of May my dad came to visit me and Steve here in Texas and we had a blast! I thought it was fitting to post about it today since it's Father's Day. He was only here for a couple days but we're glad that he came to visit. Happy Father's Day dad!!

On Thursday when he got here he took us out to dinner!! We went to The Cheesecake Factory which I had never been to. I forgot my camera so I had to use my cell phone to take a picture.

                                                   So yeah, it didn't really turn out. Too dark.

On Friday, sadly Steve had to work, but my dad and I went to downtown Dallas and had a blast! I had heard about a museum downtown documenting where JFK was assassinated. We loved it. It was very interesting to learn about JFK's life and his sad assassination and all the conspiracy theories about it!! We had a great time. Thanks for taking me, dad. :)

 Here we are at the museum :) I didn't realize that the old man I had asked to take the picture couldn't see very well. But he was nice enough to take it anyway.

          Historic Landmark outside the museum. They have X's in the road where he was shot both times, too.

 Here's my dad. You can see the corner window on the 6th floor of the school book depository in the background!

                                                                      And here's me!

Well, for the past month this is what I have been doing in all my spare time:

-Lots of baking! Including lemon squares, strawberry shortcakes, brownies, chocolate chip bars, blueberry shortcakes! Sugar overload. It's been fun though :)

-Decorating: We're leaving this apartment in a couple months so we haven't nailed anything to the walls but here's what I've done instead:

 I had these blocks left over from Christmas and some pretty paper from the wedding that I just glued to it. This was a 5 minute project. Even though it's a Christmas decoration, I left it up because it matches our living room nicely. :)

It's almost been a year since we got married! (In fact, a year ago today we got engaged :) So, I've been thinking about it lately. I watched our wedding video- twice! Such happy memories :) I put up these snap shots from our wedding on my magnet board for fun. It's just on the floor but we see it every day.

             I found a cute frame that my mom gave me to put a honeymoon picture in. It matches perfectly!

                                            And another frame for another wedding snapshot :)

Other than that, I've also been reading lots of books! I just finished "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. I'd never read it before and it made me cry :( I definitely recommend it.

I also go to the pool with the other wives whose husbands are selling pest control. We go to the library together so their girls can go to story time and we also watch the Bachelorette together every Tuesday! Not my favorite show, but hey! we have fun.

Steve didn't get "featured in this post," as he said. So, let me tell you how he's doing: working very hard! Summer sales is tough stuff! But he's doing pretty good for his first year! We've been looking into what apartments we'll live in after this summer and getting excited about that.

I hope everyone's summer is going well!


  1. It looks like you had such a good time with dad!

    BTW, You're not getting my comments are you? :(

  2. Thanks for posting :) we really do need to have a phone date. And A Tale of Two Cities is one of my all-time favorite books!

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  4. Hey!! I was so happy to see you have a blog!...and a cute one at that :) I love your title...Sand'L Days (Steve and Lauren...very clever!) That's awesome your Dad came to visit! I love daddy-daughter dates :) Hope you two are doing great in Texas!