December 30, 2016

Some Christmas memories!


We all love Christmas-time around here, I just wish I was able to document it better than I did this year! It was so perfectly snowy this Christmas; I found myself wishing I could go hiking in the mountains just for the pictures! But it just was not realistic with a newborn. Steve even went skiing with his siblings. I wanted to come along but it just doesn't work when you're nursing a baby around the clock. It's ok. One of these days our whole family will be on the slopes :)

Here is what happened this Christmas season:

*The boys all dressed up for church the Sunday before Christmas #thebyersbrothers #looking #so #handsome ;)
*Crew not looking much like a newborn anymore!
*Cole on his birthday! It was pajama day at his school!
*We attended the live nativity our community put on. It was so uplifting ♥
*Crew turned 2 months old on Christmas day! And he was giving his daddy the cutest smiles. We love him so much.
*I had fun hosting Christmas Eve dinner and decorating my table for it! We had Steve's parents and siblings over! And it was fun reenacting the nativity with them! The kids loved it!!
*The boys on Christmas morning playing with their new toys!! They also got a full size trampoline (from us of course:) because they are spoiled!! haha
*Looking dapper on Christmas Sunday! Crew looked so huge in Cole's arms!
*Sledding and building snowmen on Christmas Eve! Cole can stay out in the snow for hours!!
*And the boys convinced me to buy them those Santa hats after Christmas because they were on clearance! I loved seeing how excited they were about it!

Christmas has come and gone and it was kind of a blur, not gonna lie. Life gets so crazy and I'm trying to keep up. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I'm grateful for my Savior who fills in my gaps when I fall short. Which is more times than I'd like to admit. I'm grateful to him and that we could celebrate his birth this holiday season. I have a lot to be grateful for.

December 27, 2016

♥Merry Christmas♥ xoxox


I had to share our Christmas card pictures! Thanks to my lovely sister in law, Alyse for taking these of us! We love them! It was 5 degrees Fahrenheit when we took these and so it's a miracle that we even got a picture that I like. Because we did not last long! I was so worried about baby Crew getting cold! Luckily he was fine. And now we have our first pictures as a family of FIVE!!!

I feel like this Christmas season was a little crazy, probably because we just had a baby. I don't feel like I got into the Christmas spirit as much as I would have liked, but I do love this time of year. And with it being so snowy this year, it makes it that much more magical :)

Merry Christmas!! LOVE, THE BYERS

December 9, 2016

The Byers Brothers


Three boys!! Three brothers ♥♥♥  Now that there's three of them I thought they deserved their own hashtag now: #thebyersbrothers #thebyersbrothers #thebyersbrothers It's like it was always meant to be!

Little Crew is so loved by his older brothers, it melts my heart. I'm so lucky that they're mine. I filmed them a few weeks ago when Crew was 3 weeks old. Now he's six and a half weeks old!! This little video is a favorite of mine. I love my babies so much.

December 7, 2016

Becoming a mama all over again.


When my sister Emma was in town, I had her take some pictures of me and Crew. He was only three weeks old and so itty bitty and perfect. He still is ♥ I love these pictures, even if I'm still so swollen in the face. Having a newborn is so heavenly and it's these moments and memories that I always want to hold on to. I think I'm happiest with a little baby in my arms. It's like I'm finally doing what I was always meant to be doing with my life in these moments. I love love love being a mama. And I'm so lucky to have Crew as my son. He is an absolute dream baby. As were all of my boys. I could not be any luckier.

Thank you for making me a mama for the third time, baby Crew. It's an honor. ♥