October 30, 2014

Twenty Eight and a unicorn cake!


First of all, let's face it, I'm getting old. But that's alright, because I have to admit, I'd been looking forward to my twenty-eighth birthday since I was a little girl! My golden birthday! It was going to be the best birthday ever! And I made sure to make that dream come true. Leading up to my birthday, Steve had been asking me what I wanted and I named off some random things (like an area rug for our living room--that's when you know you are getting old!) But then it hit me one day: I want to go to New York! For my GOLDEN birthday! It seemed perfect and it actually worked out, I can hardly believe I was able to make this trip. Literally a dream come true.

On my last day in New York I didn't fly out until 4 pm and that morning as I was packing my things up, I noticed Emma baking something in her kitchen. Before long, I realized she was making me a cake and in what seemed like no time at all she had seriously whipped up this unicorn cake! I was so impressed; Emma has some mad skills. And now all of my unicorn dreams have officially come true. A perfect cake to end the perfect trip. Thanks Emma. You are too thoughtful!

I flew back to Spokane the day before my birthday-- I didn't get in til late. The next day in the evening, on my actual birthday, we had planned to go to Steve's parents for cake and ice cream. I was thinking that I was all birthday-ed out since I had just made a trip across the country. I definitely felt spoiled enough. But Steve went through the effort of planning a little surprise party for me right there at his parents'. Some of our friends showed up at their door, and I was most definitely surprised!! Thanks to all those that came! Steve said it was pretty late notice :) But my favorite was not just the bread maker my in-laws got for me (THANK YOU!!!!!!) But Steve had gotten a helium gold balloon and it was tied to a little pouch that carried 28 gold dollars! It thought it was such a cute and thoughtful gift! Thanks Steve ♥ (It's also fun paying for things with gold coins:)

Getting older isn't so bad when all of this is involved, am I right?!

I ♥ NY!


I visited NYC for my golden birthday and it was so so perfect. You know, all the movies take place there and it's just so big and fun and it really was such a dream come true to go. And this is quite literally the view from Emma's apartment. AMAZING. There's just something breathtaking about it. I'll never forget when I first saw this view. We were driving along this windy road and then down this hill and we turn a corner and there it is! Right out my passenger window and I gasped! It was so pretty! And I'm pretty sure I said something like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" It was even better than I had imagined and I hadn't even been in the city yet :)

I'm describing the night I got in but these pictures were taken on my last night there. After the babies fell asleep, we had Jake watch them and we ran right outside her front door (in our jammies!!) and I made Emma take a picture of me in front of the skyline, wearing my I ♥ NY t-shirt I'd bought from a little shop in the city, of course.

And obviously I couldn't decide which picture of the skyline to post...so I posted them all! I'm a total sucker for city lights :)

I was the most typical tourist but having it be your golden birthday somehow makes it totally ok. You only turn 28 on the 28th once! Happy birthday to me!!!!

The O C E A N


Sandy Hook Bay, NJ

I racked my memory, but I'm pretty sure that when we stopped by Sandy Hook Bay on our way home from DC back to Weehawken, NJ, it was my first time ever touching the Atlantic Ocean! It was so breathtaking and beautiful! We came right as the sun was setting so we hurried out of the car so we could get some shot before the light was completely gone. If we hadn't been in a hurry I probably would have changed out of my church outfit, but oh well. People go to the beach wearing pencil skirts right?! :)

My favorite was seeing the NYC skyline lit up way in the distance. Gosh, it was so so beautiful. Again, I wish I could have spent more time there but it was still fun. We left after the sun went down because it got too cold and Logan had eaten his fair share of sand and seashells by that point anyway ;)

Washington, D.C.


I was only in DC for less than 24 hours, but I really lucked out with how beautiful it was outside when I was there. It was relatively warm for late October and it was clear blue skies. Pretty much heaven. We checked into our hotel late Saturday afternoon and spent that entire evening doing a handful of the touristy things: The White House, The Monument, The Lincoln Memorial (my personal favorite of the three!)

After the sun went down, we went to this fancy and very trendy looking restaurant that Matthew had made reservations for. It was my suspicion that this restaurant didn't get children that often, and definitely not 2 at once!! But everyone was very nice to us, even when our babies were being loud. What I thought was so so sweet was the fact that Matthew paid for everything!! And it was not cheap. And on top of it all he paid the bill to our hotel as well. He really spoiled us rotten the entire time we were there.

I don't really know what I was expecting, but DC really was so beautiful and clean, I really loved it and wish that I could have stayed longer! Thanks to Emma for making the trip with me and thanks to my brother Matthew for being such a generous host. I love you both so much ♥

Central Park!


Such a dreamy place ♥ Take me back!