May 31, 2014

It's summertime!


A few weeks ago I took Cole to the playground and it was in the low 80s. For us, that's really not hot at all, but for the rest of Spokane this means summertime! The kids at the playground kept saying "It's so hot!" and Cole would always reply "No, it's not! It's not hot!" (He's gotten a little bossy recently.) Because coming from Dallas, it's really not if you can still play outside ;)

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we are ready for summer. And so far, spring/summer is pretty much heaven here in Spokane. We are absolutely loving it. Now we're just ready for it to get hot enough to actually go swimming. I hear that won't happen til the 4th of July, which is fine; we'll take that.

May 30, 2014

Six months!

^^I love this shot, drool and all ;)^^

Half a year old. It's hard to believe that it's been six months already. But then again, I can't quite remember life without him. He was always supposed to be a part of our family. And I'm so glad that he is.

At six months Logan is a champ at army crawling, and he's super fast at it! For these pictures, I set him at one end of the bed and he army crawled across the bed to get me (and let's be honest, my camera too;) before I was hardly able to get any decent shots of him!

He is always super smiley and loves his own reflection.

He has started making sounds, namely a very aspirated "ta ta ta" and of course I think it's the cutest thing ever.

He's very fascinated with his big brother and I'm pretty sure he wishes he could run around with him. He's still not crawling on his knees yet. Sometime he'll get up on his knees and sway a bit but if he wants to actually get somewhere he goes right back to his belly ;)

I also just barely started sleeping him in his crib....I know....And what do you know, I'm pretty sure he sleeps a whole let better in that thing. Can't say I regret ever having him sleep in bed with us though, I just sleep so much better when I can feel him breathing next to me. So, yeah it's probably been more of an adjustment for me ;)

I looooove this beautiful boy and I thank God for letting me have him every day ♥I take a nap with him almost every single day. And I love it. ❤️Today he is six months old!! We got him to smile for this picture but really he's not a fan of baby food at all! And neither am I!    We love this sweet boy so much. He is so chill and easy going and loves to play with little toys :) He's a champ at rolliHis first time riding in the cart. Going to town on those little toes ;)Those fat rolls on his back....I love them!

May 23, 2014

Oh, Utah

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So, the sister that I visited in Utah, just one month ago, well, she up and moved from Provo, UT to New York City!! These are exciting times for her and her family as they start this new adventure but I have to say that I'm a little sad that she's no longer just a drive away from me (that didn't last long did it? considering we just moved from TX.....) Not to mention she is now three hours ahead of me so I can no longer text her late at night ;(

Today I was just thinking about how I had no idea a month ago when I was visiting Utah that it would probably be a really really long time until I visited again since I no longer have immediate family living there! Good thing I spent a total of three weeks there and I'd say we lived it up. Cole got to play his little heart out and us sisters got to shop (and eat!!) our little hearts out too. :)

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Emma who deserves some kind of reward for packing up her house by herself with a newborn with one week's notice. Seriously. I told her she needs to be interviewed by the news or something haha ;)

I thought I'd post these pictures for nostalgia's sake. Our one and only trip to Utah while we lived close to each other was a blast and I'll always have fond memories of it.

May 22, 2014

I looked out the window...


Last night as I put him to bed he told me:
"You have pretty eyes, mommy."
"I love your smile."

Yesterday he had is first ever dentist appointment! Back when we were in Utah, he somehow busted his mouth while he was playing. We still don't really know what happened but he said it was "the door" and so we're guessing that he slammed into the door or something because is was pretty bad! His left front tooth and the two teeth to the left of it got smashed in and they were totally wobbly for a while there :( I really thought that he was going to have to get it pulled. Sure enough, about a month after it happened his left front tooth started turning grey. So we took him in to get it checked out and luckily the doc said that there's nothing to be done other than wait for it to fall out! I was a little sad that he wouldn't have his perfect little teeth and his perfect little smile, but it's funny how when it's your kid you just love them exactly the way they are. His gray tooth doesn't seem imperfect to me, it's just him as if he was always supposed to be this way.

What Cole doesn't realize is that his eyes are much much prettier than mine. And I dare say I love his smile more than he loves mine, gray tooth and all ♥

Cole had his first ever dentist appt today! I was a little nervous because I didn't know if he would cooperate (brushing teeth is a daily battle) but he was a little angel!  And even though this appt was long overdue, doc says his teeth are fine :)   Afte

May 18, 2014


Cole's new thing is "telling stories." He's constantly asking us to tell him a story and before we've even finished telling our story, he's asking us to tell another one! The other night I was putting him to bed and out of no where he started telling me this story. Most the time I can catch on to what he's talking about but this story was so random to me; I had no idea what he was talking about! Which is why I started taking this little video. To me it's hilarious! I'm not sure if anyone else will think it's as funny though ;)

oh, and sorry for the low quality. It's a good thing I even had my phone on me. :)

May 12, 2014

This Mother's Day

The few years I've been a mama have been the best years of my life.Just hanging out.Mother's Day dinner prepared by Steve. It all turned out pretty good! The pressure's on for Father's Day ;)photo

I hope my boys grow up knowing just how much I love them. And that there is nothing else in this entire world I would rather be doing than raising them along with their dad. God knew what he was doing when he put us into families because it is so much more fulfilling than I ever thought it would be.

This Mother's Day was pretty fun because it was the first time that Cole got to sing me a little song along with all the other primary kids in Sacrament meeting. It was pretty cute, even if Cole had no clue what was going on and didn't sing a single word ;) What I loved most was the little gift that he made for me in primary. It was a little cutout clay heart made into a keychain that has is little finger print on it and his name etched into it. Cole was sooo excited to give it to me and for that reason I absolutely love. It's definitely not about what you get but it's seeing your kids get so excited about it-- that's the real gift they're giving!

I also wanted to tell my mom how much I love her! I remember being pretty insecure when I was younger, but I always knew that my mom (and my dad too) loved me just the way I was. They loved me for me and when you're an insecure teenager, that makes all the difference. I knew that they loved me because they told me but more than that, they showed me with their actions and their example every single day. I hope I can be that same kind of mom to my kids that my mom has been to me. I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Oh, and a big shout out to Steve for making a fancy and delicious Sunday dinner and for getting me a whole hour massage at a place somewhere downtown!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Can't wait to redeem it. :)


May 3, 2014

This is what it's all about.


The other day when Cole woke up from his nap, he walked out of his room and started hanging all over me...which is what he's been doing a lot lately. He wakes up a little cranky and doesn't want to talk. I tried asking him how his nap was but he was just too grumpy to talk to me so he sulked away. Steve and I had been in the middle of a conversation and so we picked it back up once he left the room. A few minutes later I went to check on Logan who was playing/rolling around on the living room floor. That's when I saw Cole lying next to Logan just holding his hand and looking at him and kissing him. And Logan was looking back at him. They both weren't making any noise, they just looked at each other, just happy to be in each others' presence. Steve and I stood in the doorway and watched them and I thought to myself This is what it's all about. Seeing how much my boys love each other is such a wonderful feeling! And I loved that Steve and I could witness it together. I just felt so happy.

For a short moment all four of us were thinking about the same thing at the exact same time: how much we love each other. And that's why I hope I never forget it ♥