January 30, 2014

Two months old!


I feel like I've developed a sort of routine this past month. Every morning after Logan wakes up at around 9:30 or 10 (one of the many reasons why babies are much much easier than toddlers, by the way!) I change him and between taking off his jammies and putting on a fresh outfit, I always lay his little naked body on the bed and tickle him so I can get some good morning smiles out of him! And then I take a million pictures of him. Pretty much every single day. Can't help it; he's just the cutest thing.

This past month he has learned to smile tons!! I love his toothless grin and when I get a really big smile out of him, his little tongue curls up and I just die of the cuteness!! He loves it when I talk to him...he gets like a little twinkle in his eye and I can tell he adores me :) He has also learned to put his hands in his mouth this past month and he coos just a little bit. I'm still waiting for him to full on giggle; he's not quite there yet but you better believe I'll be documenting that when it happens!! :)

January 28, 2014



I love having two boys. They are the cutest brothers. Sometimes when I have them both in my arms it will all of a sudden hit me: these are my two babies. I have two!! And it just seems so crazy all of a sudden.

Logan is still little enough that they can't fight or anything; they just love each other. Cole wants to kiss him and hold him all day long and Logan just lights up whenever his big brother is around talking to him. I overheard Cole telling Logan the other day: "When you get big I want to play with you!" He's so excited to have a little buddy around. Whenever he's watching a show, he always asks if Logan can come watch with him on the couch. Haha. He's like me: he hates watching tv alone!

At this age they adore each other and I hope it stays this way for as long as possible! These two brothers have my heart; I just love them so so much. ♥

January 20, 2014

My little adventurer

^^Here he's digging in the dirt with a stick^^

We're still getting used to the cold here in Washington. But today it warmed up enough for us to venture out before Cole's nap time and play outside! Cole was so excited! This is the first time we've done this since moving here and it's especially the first time I've gone out with both kids all by myself. Logan is almost 2 months old already (seriously? writing that down makes it seem even crazier...) and I'm just now starting to feel normal again. Geez, having a baby is such an ordeal and a process! But we had fun! Cole is my crazy, active little boy and he had a blast climbing on these huge boulders and making me nervous!

"Wanna climb mommy?!" he'd ask me. Then he'd climb up these huge boulders, jump off before I could stop him and say "I'm being crazy mommy!" Haha. And that phrase he definitely gets from me. I'm always telling him he's being crazy when jumps off things. Ha. I'm glad he's listening to me ;)

ps, that cute hat and flannel shirt he's wearing is from Aunt Emma. She's the best!

January 14, 2014

I just love having a baby.


I just love having a baby. It really makes me so happy. I remember feeling this way when Cole was born; I was completely obsessed with him. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I wasn't expecting to love it so much. I just really loved it. I loved being his mom. And of course I still love it but now that Logan is here, I'm having the same feelings I had after Cole was born: I am completely obsessed with him!

There's something about having an adorable innocent little baby cuddled up next to me every morning when I wake up. I love how Logan prefers to sleep on his left side with his arms up by his face and his head arched back a little bit. Whenever he's in this position, I always think he resembles a little puppy. You know when puppies are first born they're just teeny little things that can't open their eyes yet?! That's what he reminds me of and it's completely endearing. Not to mention he makes these little grunting noises all the time :) And every morning he seems to have inched his way closer to me so that he's right up next to me. ♥

I love the way he looks at me. When we lock eyes, he always seems to blink very slowly and when he does it I feel like he's saying to me: Please take care of me. And I love taking care of him. I loved nursing Cole and I love nursing Logan too. When he gets fussy I love how he calms down the minute he hears my voice like he's trying to be patient as I get ready to feed him. And I love how he smacks his lips when he's ready to eat. Pretty much everything he does right now is the cutest thing ever. I just love having a baby and I feel like such a lucky lucky mama to have him :)

January 3, 2014

New Years Day on Newman Lake!

^^He said he was "following the tracks" ;)^^

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We couldn't have kicked off New Years Day doing anything more fun than skating on a completely frozen lake! It was soo much fun!! Alyse's in-laws who live on Newman Lake were kind enough to invite us over to go skating on the lake, swim in their indoor pool and they even fed us dinner! I especially loved skating on the lake :) I've always loved ice skating (I mean, I even own my own skates) but doing it on a completely frozen lake made it that much more fun!! And kind of magical :) I'd never done anything like that before; I kept telling Steve how cool it was and how much fun I was having. And I was glad that I could still ice skate! You never know what all your body can still do once you're not pregnant anymore ;)

At first Cole just left his shoes on and was pulled around on that little sled by his aunt and uncle. We brought along his new hockey sticks and hockey helmet for him to play with but he hasn't quite gotten a hang of it yet. When he realized we all had skates on, he wanted his own skates too! Alyse's in laws even had a small pair for him to use and he was so excited when he found them! He put them on and was hardly able to move in them but he didn't want to take them off. He loved it! Once those little skates went on his feet, the camera had to be put away because it was impossible for me to take pictures and hold him up at the same time. I give Cole an A for effort though because he just kept trying even though I'm sure they must've been hurting his ankles. We felt pretty lucky that we got to do this, something we'll never forget!

Happy New Year, everyone!