October 26, 2013

31 weeks.

IMG_065531 weeks

These were taken at 31 weeks which was 4 weeks ago because I am now 35 weeks! It was a good time to take "maternity pictures" because I am much much bigger now ;) Only 5 more weeks to go and I am getting incredibly excited to meet my little boy! Especially since Marie had her baby boy last night; it's starting to seem more real that he's coming. I feel like I am so ready but I'm sure as it gets closer I'll probably start to panic or something ;)

Steve took these pictures of me and I was happily surprised with how they turned out. Sometimes it's hard to have your picture taken when you know you're just going to look bigger than you feel like you should but Steve somehow has a way or bringing out the best in me. Throughout all of this pregnancy and my complaining he has always told me that I'm beautiful. And I know he means it. I love him so much and how he always makes me feel like a million bucks :) My hands, feet, face are all still swelling up with each week that goes by but I'm just going to be ok with it for now. We're both so excited to be parents again.

We will meet you soon little one!

October 25, 2013

GIANT tractor! What boys' dreams are made of.

October 20132October 20133IMG_0819IMG_0882

If it's not obvious, he had a blast on this giant tractor at the pumpkin patch last week. He wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins there; he just wanted to hang out on this tractor. (And that old-timer truck too) He is all boy and I love him so much. Sometimes he is just too cute :)

See pictures from this same pumpkin farm from last year HERE. Little boy has grown so much in a year. *tear*

October 15, 2013

The Dallas Arboretum

IMG_0715IMG_0684IMG_0697IMG_0696October 2013IMG_0791October 20131IMG_0769IMG_0767

It's October! I'm so happy! It's my birthday month and it's finally Fall! And most importantly, I can now say that I'm due next month. (Let's hope the baby actually comes in November ;)

Last week my visiting teacher invited me to come along to the Dallas Arboretum because she could get me in for free!! It was awesome. It had the craziest biggest pumpkin patch I have ever seen! I've never seen so many pumpkins all in one place before and I had never seen all those different kinds of pumpkins either! Cole thought it was pretty neat too; he kept picking up the ones that weren't too big to carry and throwing them down like they were balls or something. It drove me a little nuts but he had fun :)

He also got his face painted and would only agree to do a football. I tried to get him to do something "cuter" like a panda bear or a tiger but he wouldn't do it. When he saw another little boy getting a football painted on his face, he decided it was worth it to have a stranger hold his face and paint on him if it meant he could have a football on his face. He looked at himself in the mirror they provided for a long time. He loved it!

He also got to pet the animals in the petting zoo and splash his hands in the prettiest lily pond. By the time we got home he was completely exhausted and so was I. Sometimes I feel that Cole has no sense of danger because he would constantly just wander away from me and I would have to chase after him. And he's fast! I'm glad we got to go though because I don't think we ever would have gone if it hadn't been for free. That place is probably one of the prettiest places in Dallas but it is also really expensive!