July 29, 2013

You are my wild, pt. 2

IMG_0579you are my wild pt 2IMG_0564IMG_0589IMG_0592bwIMG_0616bwIMG_0597IMG_0601

He always loves to climb up on the window sill in his room. Sometimes he climbs up there when he wakes up in the morning, but not only that, he loves to take off his diaper first and be completely naked in the window. I'm sure if anyone has ever seen him in the window completely stripped down, they are probably thinking he has the worst parents ever. But what am I supposed to do if he wakes up before I do?! He is my wild boy for sure and he makes me nervous more often than I'd like.

These pictures are from the other afternoon, right before nap time. At least he's in underwear, right?! We lined up his animals and then he climbed up on the window sill and kicked them all down. His bed is right next to the window and he loves to jump from it down onto his bed. I'm lucky he hasn't hurt himself doing this yet. I decided to document it all before I crack down and not let him do it anymore ;) That's good parenting, right? :)

ps, part 1 is here.

July 16, 2013

Summertime and the livin' is easy

My phone is what goes every where with me and what I seem to take most of my pictures with. I don't pull out my real camera hardly enough and I blame it on my pregnancy-laziness. It's a real thing!
Anyway, following is a major phone dump from the past few summer months. And summer isn't even close to over yet!

summer and the livins easy
^^Yes, my baby is always naked. He hates wearing clothes. Especially in summer. // Lots of time spent in the kiddie pool // Texas thunder storms // and a flower that Cole picked especially for me :)^^

summer and the livins easy1
^^Lots of ice cream-eating and messy faces // Lots of family evening walks by the canals // and lots of time spent poolside :)^^

summer and the livins easy2^^Peaches. Yum. It's a good day when I crave healthy things like this and not McDonald's french fries :) // Cole learned to open the fridge. It was cute and sad all at the same time. // a froyo date with mom just because // First time to the aquarium! // And of course my favorite treat ever for the fourth: a patriotic fruit pizza!^^

summer and the livins easy3
^^I'm 20 weeks pregnant and already I have pregnancy face. *tear* It's only downhill from here! // Donut-muffins. A pinterest creation. Something I probably wouldn't have been drawn to if I weren't pregnant. // And free slurpee day!!!! This is like heaven for a pregnant lady :)^^

summer and the livins easy4
^^Family outing to the community pool. That's my 20 week bump squeezed into my polka dotted suit. // Cole basically forgets me and only wants his dad when we're at the pool. Because Steve is way more fun than me. // And lastly, Mr. Cole's cute little face on our walk yesterday evening.^^

Happy half way through summer!

July 15, 2013

My sweet boy


This little one has been full of spontaneous kisses for me lately.
He tells me "I luh you mommy" out of the blue multiple times a day.
He loves to play with my hair (when I actually do it!)
And when I don't do it, he loves to pull it out of my messy bun, get the comb out of the bathroom and comb it for me :)
He randomly tells me: "wow you pritty mommy!"
And he calls me "cute" sometimes too :)

I adore that little boy. And I think it's safe to say he adores me too :) Here's to never growing up!

July 6, 2013

Happy Fourth!

IMG_0288 copyIMG_0201IMG_0204July 2013IMG_0271IMG_0239IMG_0244IMG_0265IMG_0193

^^Are they not the cutest? Cole obviously loved the fireworks and has been asking about them for days afterwards. We even got to see fireworks two days in a row! He was in heaven.^^


^^Lots of fireworks! The 4th of July in Texas totally beats having it on base in Germany.^^

IMG_0325 copyIMG_0330IMG_0312

^^Small town Texas parade. The same one I was in last year! Those sirens were loud!^^

IMG_0333IMG_0403July 20131IMG_0404

^^And a yummy patriotic treat shared with friends. The whole thing got eaten except for the part with blueberries on it. I guess people don't like blueberries ;)^^

And that sums up our 4th of July holiday! I think the 4th of July should fall on a Thursday every year because then you get to celebrate the day before on Wednesday, and you have Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday off and it's pretty much like having a 5 day weekend. Which rocks when there are only 7 days in a week anyway ;) It was fun and I was so grateful to not be feeling sick for any of it! I'll be 20 weeks next week and I cannot wait!