September 25, 2012

Pleasant surprises

I've been feeling a little bit spoiled lately. Not only did Steve get me the cutest card out of nowhere last week, but this past Saturday he came home and surprised me with flowers!! I'm beginning to think he made it a personal goal to surprise me every now and then because Steve never does this kind of stuff and here he's done it two weeks in a row! 
I'm definitely not complaining :) 
I thought the card was so sweet and the flowers...oh my goshhhhhh, I forgot how nice it is to have flowers in the house. When he surprised me with them I was like a giddy little girl (silly and cliche of me) 
And for the past few days I can't stop myself from taking pictures of them. They're just so pretty and perfect! And they seem to make our home feel that much happier :) Plus, on top of that, they fit perfectly in the mason jars I spray painted this weekend. So, it's like a whole new feel to our home now, with my pinterest crafts and the flowers displaying in the kitchen. I love it :)

September 14, 2012

On the road and in between....

This is my in between post. In between Washington and Utah. 
If you've ever driven from Washington to Utah, or vise versa, you've probably stopped in Dell, Montana, population 35, to get gas. {POPULATION 35!!!}
That's exactly what we did on our way down. We spent 20 wonderful minutes in this tiny little place in the middle of nowhere and let Cole run around on the quiet train tracks and stretch his legs. It might be a tiny little place in the middle of nowhere, but it sure is beautiful :)
For the record, Cole  was the perfect little traveler on this 10+ hour drive. He only took a one hour nap at the very beginning of the trip, Dell was the only place he was able to get out and stretch those legs and the rest of it was spent watching movies on the lap top and playing with his Uncle Ben! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how well he travels :)

September 10, 2012

Washington, the Evergreen state

Just a few pictures from our time in Washington last month. It's such a beautiful place and we're excited to move there eventually. 
While we were there, Steve and I were able to go and look at apartments we might possibly live in when we move up there. It makes everything seem a little more real, even if it is still pretty far off. 
We were also able to spend quality time with Steve's family. We did lots of different things but one of them was renting us bikes so we could all go on a family bike ride! I couldn't remember the last time I was on a bike. Luckily, it's true, you never forget how to ride a bike because it had seriously been years since I was last on one but you wouldn't have been able to tell. Only my bum could tell...yeah, bike seats are not the most comfortable thing to sit on for 8 miles. We rented bikes right there in downtown Spokane and then started our ride from there. We rode through downtown Spokane and then up into the hills. It was sooo beautiful! I love it there! Cole loved the little trailer Grandma and Grandpa rented for him! He eventually laid himself on the floor of it so he could fall asleep and it was really cute to see him peek out. Silly baby!
And I only have pictures of Cole with his Uncle Craig, but Cole had a blast with everyone there! I think he's a bit bored being home now and not having so many rooms to roam and new things to get into!
Thank you to Steve's family for their generosity and for making it such a wonderful time. We are lucky kids, to be sure :)